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Đure Strugara 2, Beograd

We can offer :

- Central heating installation
- Floor heating
- Boiler room maintenance
- Boiler cleaning
- Burner maintenance
- Air-conditioning, designing and realization
- Split systems
- Ventilation works
- Solar heating
- Authorizedl distributor of De Dietrich boilers


As an authorized company for installation and design of central heating systems, air-conditioning and ventilation works, as well as water supply systems and sewage, we can offer you complete quality consulting, design, all kinds of installation and high-quality equipment. We can also offer technical support for your equipment: boilers, heating oil burners, automatics, heaters etc.
We can offer and install quality heaters - domestic and foreign manufacturers' aluminum or sheet metal radiators, stylish bathroom heaters, the so-called towel dryers, in various patterns.
Modern radiator valves with a thermal head which can save your energy at noticeable percentage. Installation of two-pipe and one-pipe systems with steel and copper pipes.
Our workers are skilled, dedicated and honest. Our work is devoted, our every installation is functioning and our clients are satisfied.
We provide and install modern air-conditioning systems of all world-famous manufacturers, design and maintain ventilation systems with modern equipment which always fits your interior.
Also, we can offer services in water supply technology with supply of high quality materials, insulating with modern Armaflex materials, fitting hot and cold water and and heating (cooling) installations in the water supply systems.
Our best references are the company's tradition and the reference facilities owned by our satisfied customers.


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