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Our clients are :

Madlenianum Opera House: Complete installation of central heating and air-conditioning at a building of 5500m² . Boiler-room 2x680kW DeDietrich boilers, chiller 480kW Ciat, Air-conditioning compartment and air and water installation. Working since 2005.
Spanish Ambassador’s Residence in Belgrade: Boiler with GT 2105/250 , 60 kW and boiler of 250 litres and complete automatics (work by Minichotherm)
Termotehna Company commercial building: Boiler with GT 2105/250 , 60 kW and boiler of 250 litres and complete automatics (work by Minichotherm)
House of the blind in Pančevo: Two boilers GT 308 od 210 kW with heating oil burners (the general design has been completed, the work is to be performed by Minichotherm)
Villa in Čačak, for the owner of AUTO KUĆA Kole ČAČAK : Gas boiler DPSM 3-50 with solar boiler and collectors (work by Delta Term company)
British Embassy in Belgrade (installation of central heating - 1996 and 1998)
French Cultural Center Belgrade (air-conditioning and reconstruction of heating - 2001)
News Agency "Beta" (complete installation of multi and split air-conditioning systems - 2003)
IMS Institute in Belgrade (various reconstructions since 1994-2006)
French Embassy Belgrade (Maintenance of the installations since 1998-2006)
French Economical Bureau (air-conditioning since 2004)
Divinity College in Belgrade (various reconstructions and reparations of the system since 1995-2005)
Stankom's Sport Center residential area, Block 45, Strip 3: Complete installation of one-pipe radiator heating with one-pipe valves in 33 apartments of this strip (1994.)
A Family Villa in Jove Ilića street, 137: Complete installation of two-pipe system of central heating with copper pipes and fitting with boiler-room on fluid fuel and central heating of water, floor heating in the bathrooms and kitchen with plastic pipes, in a 3-story house, size 540m² (1997).
"Margarine Implatation Line": Air-conditioning project in Kragujevac, air-conditioning commode SOKO Belgrade, electro heaters, air-conditioning channels in the production hall and storage of margarine and chocolate, about 750m²
Italian Design Center: Floor heating with Aquatherm plastic pipes and GIACOMINI equipment for 250m² ambience.
Business facility – reserves warehouse: Complete heating system at two floors of the facility, with electro boilers of 2 x 24kW power. Installed in 2005.
Business facility Tim Kop (TNT): Complete fan coil installation in the business facility of 300m² . Our own design - by "Minichotherm d.o.o.". Competent design engineer Slađana Kovačević, BSc in mechanical engineering. Design author and contributor A.Minić.
An exclusive apartment in 29 novembra street: Floor heating, radiator heating and similar installations of 140m² apartment. Done in 2005.
An exclusive villa in Jošanička 3 street, Voždovac: Complete installation of central heating system with floor heating and both heating oil and electricity boiler, in the 500m² house. Three years of impeccable performance (since 2003).
Mexican Embassy and residence in Belgrade: Maintenance contract for the years 2005 and 2006.

We have been maintaining installations completed in 1973. and earlier, we have many clients who have been our devoted customers for over 20 years.


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