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Đure Strugara 2, Belgrade

Minichotherm d.o.o. is a distributor and supplier of central heating equipment made by the leading French manufacturer:

- top-class boilers fueled by heating oil up to the power of 1.5 MW
- gas boilers for commercial buildings, residential buildings, houses and flats
- systems for preparing sanitary hot water
- solar collectors and solar systems

About us

We are one of the oldest companies in Belgrade in the field of water supply systems and central heating, established in 1908. under the name "Novak Minić". Novak M. Minić was a pioneer of the Belgrade water supply system construction. He worked on facilities such as:
• Staro sajmište water supply system
• Water supply system in Vreoci
• Water supply system of the Kolarčeva foundation, and many others.
He had the special privilege to assist in laying of foundation stone for the Assembly of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (now the Federal Assembly in Belgrade), as a representative of the officials. Mr.Novak was also a donor, he gave his contribution in constructing of the Cultural Center in Senjak. Stanko N. Minić was a respectful businessman and entrepreneur, and his fields of interest were central heating and ventilation works. He performed the installation works on the following facilities:
• Divinity College in Belgrade,
• Đurađ Crnojević Library in Cetinje,
• Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade,
• Keramika Mladenovac Company
Aleksandar S. Minić, a mechanical engineer, aimed to develop the Company in accordance with modern trends in thermal technology, placing emphasis on modern air-conditioning equipment. Among the others, he worked on installations on the following facilities:
• British Embassy in Belgrade,
• MPS commercial building,
• French Cultural Center,
• IMS Institute in Belgrade,
• "Beta" News Agency
Motto of the MINICHOTHERM Company (established in 2004.) is quality, reliability and business efficiency.
Continuing the tradition of "Novak Minić" and "Stanko Minić" companies, today we are the company with the longest tradition in central heating, air-conditioning and ventilation works. We can offer quality consulting, designing, all kinds of installation and high quality equipment.  
Proof of the above said are the numerous completed installations.
We have the honour to offer you our complete service, consisting of: designing, installation and making the highest quality choice for you.

We have been officialy authorized by the Slovenian VETO company for distribution, installation and maintenance of French-made De Dietrich central heating boilers fueled by gas and heating oil.

We can also offer boilers for central preparation of sanitary hot water, solar collectors, and top-class burners for gas and heating oil.

De Dietrich Process Systems has been a worldwide supplier of process equipment, systems and services to the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries since the 17th century.
Our company tradition and our references are our best recommendation.


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